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Hi my name is Lauren and I am the owner/founder of Liberty Bell Sweets. I started my official business back in 2021; however, I started baking at the young of eight with both my Italian nana and German grandma. Some of my fondest memories are baking  with the both of them! The name of my bakery-Liberty Bell Sweets-holds special meaning to me. I am a military spouse, and as such we move around a lot (we are in Savannah for the long haul). I wanted a bakery name that reminded me of home-Philadelphia. I am a die hard Philadelphia Eagles fan and I love football in general! When I'm not baking I work as a physical therapist and in my spare time I enjoy volunteering, watching football, and watching true-crime shows. Fun-fact: before I became a physical therapist I was a DNA Analyst for several crime labs for almost ten years! So yes while I may be plotting the perfect crime I am also plotting the perfect way to deliver delicious sweet-treats to all of you! 

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